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  1. Releases, Collaborations & Credits
    Releases, Collaborations & Credits
    Avantgarde Music, Chiara Music, db one music, Mistura Fina, Tony Dallara, Aris & Rita, Fausto Leali, Luisa Corna, Alessandro Mara, Mariangela Argentino, Ale e Nico Banz, Kelly Joyce, Vincenzo Consilio, Radio Number One, Luca Barbarossa, Sirya, Stefano Salvi, Isabella Biffi, Mass Corfini, Warner Music, Warner Chappel, Universal Music, Emi Music, Finley, Riki Cellini, YuYu, Rocky Roberts, Bernard Purdie, lso Kenny Arranoff, Mel Gaynor, John C. Marshall, Mike Terrana, Davide de Marinis, Mirko Casadei, Roberto Ferrari (Radio Deejay), Knagui Giddins, Paradise movemenT, Edoardo Vianello, Wilma Goich, Lupin Lab, Mauro Crivelli, Bobby Sparks, Paul Bernardoli, Il Presidente Dogo Gang, ill-Papi, Clementino, J-AX, Jake la Furia e Gué Pequeno (Club Dogo), Ensi, Raige, Vacca, G-Lu, Amir, Jack the Smoker, SDT Eventi, Radio Vaticana, Il Primo Papa (Musical), La Sirenetta (Musical), Il libro della Giungla (Musical), Lungomare, Edimusa, Musart, Tony Corallo, Albano, Angelo Branduardi, Katia Ricciarelli, Franco Battiato, Iva Zanicchi, Real Music, Camilo Sesto, Benedetta Kim, Junko Matsumoto, King Records,Taiyo Music, etc..
  2. Whatever your goal is...
    Whatever your goal is...
    we are always available to support you to get the best results in line with your requests. Produce or do you have? Since 1998 we help you realize your productions, from simple "demo" to the work as "professionals" for the music market. Everything by a simple click! Send us your material By-Web, pay using PayPal and receive by email the link to download your finished work.Online Services Save up to 70% Produce your tracks and start to sell your music !
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